Marching Ghosts

A few weeks ago, I was staying on a farm in Lompoc, CA.  Each day, Little Red Dog and I would head somewhere on this adventure or that.  We would drive past this amazing grove of trees, well, not a grove, exactly– it was much more cultivated than that.  Perfect rows, and endless.  The twisty branches, bare and white reminded me of ghosts, ghosts of trees marching into the distance. One morning on the way to go hiking, I finally stopped and shot for a little while.  Here is one of those shots.

Where do they go
Where do they go

Cheers,  Schu

Little Red Dog and I are still traveling and shooting in CA.  More photos and adventure stories to come.  If you are interested in supporting a portion of this adventure, please CLICK HERE.  You will be redirected to another page on my site where you can donate to our travel fund via PayPal.  Individuals who donate can choose to receive prints or canvas gallery wraps from my gallery.  Thank you in advance.

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