Benefits Beyond The Barre: Motivate Monday

Motivate Monday!!


I decided Monday was a good day to post about motivation.  How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning?  Did you pour extra coffee today?  Sometimes Mondays are rough, eh?  This isn’t just about getting out of bed and getting going on Mondays– this is about more than that.

I’ve come across a couple of stories in the media recently that echo some of my fitness experience.  Before I share those with you, here is a a bit more of my Pure Barre adventure.  If you remember from a while back, I told you about my love for Pure Barre.  Recently, I joined the #250Club at my Pure Barre studio and completed more than 130 consecutive days of working out.  These are important milestones for me, as they have had a dramatically positive impact on my health, reshaped my body in ways I didn’t think possible, changed the patterns of my days, and affected my thinking and attitude.  I certainly was not expecting these fantastic positive changes from a workout!  Fifty five minutes of a workout has dramatically changed the rest of my day in such a great way that I don’t hit the snooze button any longer, I look forward to working out.  Sometimes it’s the best part of my day!  The words and phrases that I hear during my Pure Barre class stick with me all day just like the effects.

This past January, the Pure Barre studio I attend was having a fun contest to challenge its clients:  Complete 20 workouts in 30 days.  Prizes, discounts, etc. were up for grabs.  A friend of mine up’d the challenge:  30 workouts in 30 days.  I accepted.  My friend’s “Jan Plan” also included some simple, healthful dietary and lifestyle changes, too.  Turns out, I like challenges and won both.  Yay!  I have since kept up with the Jan Plan, working out every day (yes, every day) and maintaining a more-or-less clean diet.  (My friend who challenged me to the Jan Plan has no idea how much he has affected my life.  It was such a simple game, but it has made such a difference!)

Ok, I know it sounds completely unlikely.  This is exactly what I would have thought a while ago.  It’s just not possible to workout every day– and when I first started attending Pure Barre just over a year ago, I was not taking classes every day.  Yes, I have missed a couple of days.  Recently, I had a medical emergency that caused me to miss my first class since April.  The medical emergency didn’t bother me as much as having to miss class!  Aside from that, I make it to Pure Barre every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  No matter what.


Here is what makes my every-day-workout-plan work for me.

  • I think about working out like scheduling a meeting but scheduling a meeting with myself.
  • I have found a workout that works for me.  It’s fun.  I hate (HATE) traditional workouts.  Even more, I HATE gyms.  I have found a workout and a studio that is absolutely fun!  If it’s not fun, if it’s not something I like, I’m not going to stick with it.
  • I have found a community within Pure Barre.  There are a group of people who are inspiring, supportive, motivating, and empowering.  Having this community keeps me accountable.
  • I use social media apps for an additional bit of accountability. is a great little tool to motivate you to not just schedule and make it to your workouts, but I’ve been using it to log my veggies, too!  Have you heard about this nifty app?  You can get PAID for working out, eating fruits and veggies, and keeping a food log.  (If you are interested in trying this and have some questions, let me know.  I’ve been using it for a while and like it.)
  •  I challenge myself.  I set new goals all the time.  If I don’t up the ante on a regular basis, I’ll get bored.  However, I keep the goals reasonable!!  I’m not going to set a goal to run a marathon (or even a half) if 1.) I hate running 2.) I do not have enough time to prepare 3.) I do not have the support like a running buddy.
  • The results speak for themselves.  I have been really hesitant about posting these photos, but if I am going to tell you about the awesomeness that is Pure Barre, I should show you, right?  If you are thinking about Pure Barre, do it.  Give it at least month.  Also keep in mind that your diet will affect your results…..
Pure Barre: consistency is key
Pure Barre abs








The stories I have come across that echo my workout success include these:

  • I like this video for a couple of reasons.   First, it encourages you to keep track of what you’re eating.  There ARE so many “diets” out there.  Just like workouts, if you don’t like it, you’re not going to stick with it.  For me, I eat “real” food.  Period.  Keeping track is less important because I’m not trying to lose weight.  I do like having a community and a source of accountability, however.  Second, it also reminds you to choose a workout that you like and can do or you won’t stick with it.  Have fun!
  • This story on NPR demonstrates how important community is when you are trying to stick with your workout.  Life is busy, we get tired, and workouts often get shifted to last priority.  Social media can be a great community, especially if you are a runner or don’t attend a brick-and-mortar gym.

If you are thinking about starting a workout regime or changing your eating plan, I hope this gives you some ideas on how to attack your new challenge.  If you are already working out and have a healthful eating plan that is working for you, great and keep it up!  If what you’re doing isn’t working, change it it up!

If you need MORE motivation for working out, perhaps later I will share some good science about how molecules that are released while working out keep your skin looking young, about how working out has cognitive benefits, and how molecules released by lean muscle mass can help you lose more weight throughout the day.  I AM a molecular biologist, after all!

Welcome to a new week!  Get out there and kick some butt!

It’s time for me to head to the Barre.  #LTB4Life

Cheers,  Schu

P.S.  If you need a workout check-in buddy, give me a shout!




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