Pumpkin Season Eats

Today is one of my favorite days of the year—the first day of fall. Leaves have started to change, days are noticeably shorter and cooler, and for those of us in the Denver area, we have even had a hint of snow. Lots of folks mourn the end of summer, but it’s 80 degrees today, so the really chilly days are miles away at the moment.  And summer is really a state of mind, isn’t it?  (Sorry, that was cliche, wasn’t it?).  I am definitely not one to mourn the end of summer.  I like the cooler days and longer nights.  For some reason, I’m more productive.

It is also the “official” or not-so-official start of pumpkin season today.  This makes me happy. I saw some Halloween cards and decorations for sale in mid-July, so I suppose pumpkin season started a while ago. I refused to accept that, however. For me, it starts today.  No pumpkin spiced lattes for me but I get pretty excited autumnal recipes!  I love the smokey smells and spicy flavors that they bring.

In honor of one of my favorite days, go and grab a pumpkin spiced latte (it’s ok, I know YOU love them– I’ll take a tall black coffee, please) and try one of these pumpkin-y-slash-autumn-y recipes from some of my favorite blogs.  Hopefully, after a little time with one of these recipes, you won’t be so sad about the end of summer– and you can broaden your pumpkin spice horizons beyond the latte.

I am drinking my favorite sweet-spicy tea and have some vegetarian chili going in the slow cooker. It smells amazing around here right now, just like a golden fall day.


Cheers,  Schu

And welcome to a new season!


Note:  I am a vegetarian.  I am not, however, a vegan nor do I maintain a gluten free diet.  All of these recipes can be modified by adding some bacon, chicken, or an alternative whatever-you-need.  I will not be offended.  Do let me know about your modifications and how they work out for you.  Send notes and photos!  Cook on, friends!


These aren’t going to be the easiest pancakes you’ve ever made, but, oh goodness…..

Pumpkin chocolate pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen

This one has “autumn morning” written all over it!  Ambitious Kitchen is a great blog, by the way.  Give it a look if you have a minute.

Salted caramel apple French toast casserole from Ambitious Kitchen 



I go through times when I cannot get enough sweet potatoes.  This is a great, fast, easy, and healthful sweet potato recipe.  Give it a shot!

Smoky sweet potato soup from Lunch Box Bunch

This soup takes a little prep but it’s really flavorful– and healthful (and gorgeous!).

Carrot and coriander soup with cumin and orange from Drizzle and Dip

Of course I wouldn’t forget a pumpkin soup….

Spicy Thai pumpkin soup from Nutmeg Nanny



Everything about this gnocchi is right…..  And the smell of the kitchen– heavenly….

Pumpkin ricotta gnocchi from Simply Recipes

Homemade mac and cheese is the best, it really is.  Add a touch of smokiness to this gooey yumminess with some Hatch green chiles and you just might eat the entire pan.

 Hatch green chile mac and cheese from A Cozy Kitchen

This last one is from one of my all-time favorite food blogs.  This recipe is a bit lighter than the others but isn’t light on taste.  I’ve tried lots of things from This Chick and she is great.  The recipes are easy, flavorful, and good!

Cherry and sweet potato quinoa from This Chick Eats Clean


Desserts and others:

I don’t make ice cream.  Actually, I rarely even eat it.  Please, someone make this.  Spicy and smoky dark chocolate ice cream– oh my food!  I need this……  I will also add that this blog is really well done– it’s nice to look at, easy to read, and has great photos!  I’d totally hang out with these folks (and eat their food!).

 Tabasco smoked chipotle dark chocolate ice cream from Chez Us

A skillet brownie?  Add pumpkin?  Give me a spoon.  Did you say triple chocolate?  Wait…  Triple chocolate pumpkin cheesecake skillet brownie?  Move over.  That skillet is mine!

 Triple chocolate pumpkin cheesecake skillet brownie from Country Cleaver

Who doesn’t love cookies?  These soft snickerdoodles are no-fails (you can swap out the white chocolate chips for milk or dark chocolate).  The cinnamon and pumpkin makes them very fall-like to me….

 White chocolate pumpkin snickerdoodles from Sally’s Baking Addiction

And this list wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin seed recipe!  Here ya go:

Chili lime spiced pumpkin seeds from Ms. Skinny

Cocktail, anyone?  This is a slightly different, and tasty, take on sangria.

 Apple pie sangria from Cookie Rookie





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