The Love/Hate of Denim

Long time, no post.  So let me jump right back in with something we all deal with too often:  the more-or-less random sizing of denim.  We all are aware of vanity sizing and that retailers do not participate equally.  This leaves us, as consumers, out there in a sizing no-man’s-land.  It seems like our options are to give up or to carry around a notebook and jot down details on every brand, style, and fit every time we try on a new pair.  As for me, I wear jeans nearly every day regardless of the weather or the occasion.  It’s true.  It’s a real love affair.  I hate trying them on but finding that perfect fit, that perfect pair is the best shopping buzz possible. Ok, shoes– finding THE pair of shoes is pretty good, too.  But jeans, finding that pair of jeans, the pair that would be a disservice to your hiney to leave behind…  this is love, a shopping victory!  Oh, yeah, you know the feeling.  And you get to weeeeaaarrrr them.  Ohhhhhh, yeah.


I came across a couple of posts today that provided a little insight into the randomness of denim sizing and how a few different retailers measure up, so to speak.  After taking a peek at Refinery29‘s link about sizing randomness and this great post at Racked about the different measurements that correspond to a size 8 at different retailers, braving the no (wo)man’s land of denim sizing will be no problem!  Well, less of a problem.  Hopefully, a few minutes here will save you all a little time, effort, and pain in the dressing room next time you head out for your next must-have pair of jeans.




Citizens of Humanity, Corey Slouchy Slim in Bourbon
Citizens of Humanity, Corey Slouchy Slim in Bourbon

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