Books On Wheels: The Bookmobile

Do you remember the Bookmobile?  We had a huge Bookmobile that would come to our neighborhood once per month when I was a kiddo.  OK, maybe it wasn’t so huge, but I was really little, so I remember it as being gigantic.  The Bookmobile was part of the foundation of my love of books and reading.  When it would show up, I would walk around inside this converted bus and look at all of the fun books and choose two for the month.  What stories did I want to read (over and over again) for the next month??  The coolest part was was walking around in the mobile library, of course, especially after an entire month’s worth of anticipation– and the Bookmobile was painted and decorated so fun, just for kids.  I had books at my home and access to a local library, but to me this was like a book castle.  After I had my two books, I would watch the Bookmobile leave my cul-de-sac  and wonder where all of those stories went, I would wonder what adventures the characters in the stories I had just read were going on as they drove away.

The Bookmobile came to my cul-de-sac long before we had e-readers.  I still don’t have an e-reader.  I love books, turning pages, and walking into libraries.  And I think the idea of the Bookmobile is still relevant, especially for communities where there is not a library and where people do not collect electronic devices and access to Wi-Fi on a 24/7 basis.  While the Bookmobile that came to visit my neighborhood was filled with children’s books, that does not have to be the case for a mobile library that hits the road now.  HERE is an Italian Bookmobile that’s already rolling.  I think it’s fantastic (and adorable)!  Let’s get more out there on the road.  What do you think?

tumblr_n5j1dyEOci1qjq5r9o1_500Cheers,  Schu


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