What Is Beauty?

What is beauty?  Is it a well-made pair of shoes?  Is it the shine that comes from within a diamond?  Is it the face of your partner or the person you’re crushing on?  When it comes to people, we so often associate beauty with a visual idea, someone’s facial features, the shape of one’s body, how a person dresses.

Before reading any further, take a moment and think about what beauty is to you, what do you find beautiful.  Maybe even jot these ideas down…..

I came across this video from the blog Good a few days ago.  Several blind people describe how they experience beauty.  I found it really interesting.  It made me really consider my own experience.  Take a peek.  After watching the video, look at your original list.  Has it changed?




Again, I ask the question:  What is beauty?  We tend to place value quantifiable “things” and achievements such as how far and how much and find these things beautiful:  you have to hike farther to find the best view; the ring that costs more is clearly more beautiful.  Sometimes the best view is from your porch and your hands are the most lovely in gardening gloves, covered in dirt planting new things and without a ring at all– because you’re smiling.


Perhaps we should spend more time during our days experiencing life with our eyes closed.  What do you think?


Cheers, Schu


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