Inner Beauty– And I Mean Seriously Deep

Good morning, All!

Are you ready to face Monday morning?  Do yo need a few more minutes?  Perfect.  I’ve something for you then.

Before you venture out and tackle this week, sit for just a little while longer with your cup of coffee and watch what the cells of your body have to deal with every moment of every day.  Yes, I am sending you off into your week with a science post– but it’s damn amazing.  No big sciencey words– I just want to send you off into Monday with a little awe and wonder about what your cells do for you all day long, every single day without you having to think about it.  THAT is just mind boggling.  Take a peek here.  It’s really cool and absolutely beautiful.  Seriously.


A tiny bit of background that isn’t necessary.

In this video, you are wandering along along a blood vessel where inflammation has occurred due to an infection.  You see some genes get switched on in response to the infection and proteins are made (my favorite part).  A giant blobby protein gets hauled close to the site and released.  Towards the end of the video, you see red blood cells zooming by as the giant protein seeks out the infection and flattens out along the blood vessel wall.

(If you DO want to know some of the science behind what is going on in this video, let me know and I’ll fill you in.  It’s coolio.)

Cheers,  Schu

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