The Ugly Sandal– If You Must

Are we ready for them?  Do we want them?  Do our FEET want them?

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if this “trend” was really a trend.  It’s true, ladies.  The ugly sandal is is a thing, it really is.  As for me, I love heels.  They are pretty.  They make ladies pretty.  They turn girls into ladies.  They make our outfits lovely.  However, I walk to work– it’s a mile walk and it’s often quite chilly in the morning.  And it’s a mile walk home in the evening.  While four inch heels of all sorts line my closet, they  are not what I wear to work every day.  I will add that they are absolutely not practical for working in a lab– but there is something a little sexy about a pencil skirt, stilettos, and a lab coat.  Now, consider taking two liters of medium out of the autoclave in stilettos.  That’s just stupid.  Sadly, my lovely big girl shoes stay at home most days.  My Fryes, Pumas, and Dieppa Restrepos (all also lovely, but in a different way) are my day shoes.

Back to the point.   The ugly sandal.  There is a transition underfoot (ha.  sorry about that.) that women are embracing because, honestly, our feet hurt!  I’m not so sure about it, but I do understand.  I’m a bigger fan of retro sneakers (classic Nikes, NB, and my favorite Pumas).  To my friend who inquired about the trend:  The word is that ugly sandals so ugly they are cute.  Hmmmmm.  OK.  We’ll see.  If you are going to rock them, check out what these ladies are doing.   The biggest rules:  if you wear the ugly sandal, if you must, the rest of you must be polished, including your little piggies.  If not, you are normcore and no one wants that.  Or do you?


My favorites are the silver Birks.  A little shine and comfort….  I just might give it a shot.  Maybe.  I need a pedicure.

Cheers,  Schu

How to make the ugly sandal look cute.

Vogue’s look at the ugly sandal.

The Style Bible.

The ugly sandal, or Birkenstocks, are all over the J. Crew Spring and Summer Style Guides

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