I’m A Tucker

I’ve always been a relatively active girl but I’ve never been a huge fan of “traditional” daily workouts.  In fact, I have always hated them.  Until recently.  Last year, I found myself struggling with my health.  The one thing that helped was a regular workout regime (OK, two things:  working out and eating a very healthful diet.  Go figure– diet and exercise leading to good health!).  Living moments from endless hiking trails is fantastic, so I hit the trail as often as possible.  As the days became shorter and it became more difficult to fit daily hikes into my schedule, a friend mentioned a class I should try.  I didn’t give it much thought because I hate the gym.  I mean, I really hate the gym.  I was determined to keep hiking regardless of the weather.  I am a Colorado Girl, after all.

As autumn kept shortening the days, I turned on my furnace and took out the puffy coat.  Two hikes in extra cold weather challenged my determination to hike daily regardless of the elements.  And then the wind started.  I looked up the local studio for the class that my friend had recommended to me after hearing about it on the morning news.  Hmmmmm……  It seems to be all the rage.  I hadn’t been able to put on my trail shoes and head out for over ten days and my local studio was offering a free classes for new clients.  Maybe I’ll try it.  Maybe later.  I sat sedentary for another week, trail shoes by the door.  My health started to slip again.  That was it.  I looked up the schedule for the local Pure Barre studio.  I attended my first class and have attended almost daily since.


I could (and probably will in the future) go on and on about why I love this workout, why it is effective, and how much I adore the people at this studio, instead I am going to let you read this because it is so dang funny.  Warning:  it is NOT PG.  I will say that my abs are f***ing fresh.


Cheers,  Schu


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