Guy’s Jeans Hunting

Guys, this one is for you.  Ladies, share this with your men– or read it if you are buying jeans with/for your fellas.

It is no lie that we ladies like our guys in jeans that fit just right.  We like to look at, well, you.  That is no secret at all.  (Mmmmmmm….  I’m enjoying a nice little mental sweet fix.)

Gentlemen, next time you head out to hunt down a new pair of jeans, forget what you thought you knew about buying jeans and read this, please.  Really.  These are good, basic rules.  You want us to look at your– denim, right?  Well, read it, then!  I have seen too many of you in jeans that make you look like you went shopping Jerry Seinfeld’s closet.  I’ve only one thing to say about that:  Serenity now!!

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