Junk Food Hangover

I feel miserable.  Well, I did, anyhow.  I was nauseated, my head was swimming, I was hot and cold at the same time, the hair on my arms hurt– and I had not had one single margarita.  Not one.  I had, however, indulged in junk food, and a lot of it in a short period of time, which was a dramatic change from my very healthful diet.  I was out running errands the other day and just could not help myself.  I ended up at home withIMG_5641-1
an assorted collection of sweet and savory treats and I ate them all.  It was so good.  Until…..

So, it happened and I spent time on the couch recovering.  Have I learned my lesson?  I am sure, just like anyone who has ever uttered “those” words while suffering the price the next day after a big night out, I am sure I will (you know:  “I’ll never do that again…”).  What I wonder, though, is how many people feel as miserable as I did on a regular basis because junk food is a
regular part of their diet.  Even more so, how many people have “gotten used to” feeling miserable because they regularly eat a low quality food and their bodies have more-or-less become adjusted to the insult.  Do they know that they feel miserable all the time?

As for me, I’m back to my healthful diet and feel worlds better.  The rule:  If I don’t eat it of I don’t buy it.

Eat well, everyone.  Or don’t.

Cheers,  Schu

3 thoughts on “Junk Food Hangover

    1. It’s a funny thing…. I KNEW I was going to feel miserable when I bought AND then proceeded to eat the heaps of delights. I also know that if I have the treats at home, I am “obligated” to eat them– and allllll of them.

      Thanks for reading and making me feel a bit better about my splurge! I’m back to feeling lots better. Bring on the colorful veggies!


      1. Lol, I like eating healthy food, too but sometimes I can’t resist in front of a packet of crisps or dark chocolate (but you know what: who cares if we want to eat it in that very special moment then we should do it ) it is all about moderation!
        Best wishes,

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